AJ Saleem, Founder

I’m an educator, learning disability therapist, public speaker, and an ambitious entrepreneur who is chasing the honest dream of providing education to those in need. My years of teaching and experience providing learning disability therapy for students with ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia and other learning barriers have instilled in me the value of education, inspiring me to develop a platform that helps students reach their academic goals.

In my corporate beginnings as an IT consultant, although I developed technical competency, I found myself yearning to be personally engaged in the community through my work. In my consideration of life paths, I thought back to what I truly found fulfillment in, and came to the realization that it was the experiences I had with teaching others that meant the most to me. I changed my field of focus to education, in which I was able to interact with young and curious minds, and help them tap into their potential to accomplish success. After working with several students in a one to one setting, I was made aware of the magnitude of influence that supplemental studies have on a student’s education and found that there was a significant need for private tutoring in the community, which spurred the start of Suprex in 2010.

Currently, Suprex Learning is an academic consulting and educational therapy company serving all grade levels from elementary to college. As the sole owner and director, I grew Suprex Learning from the ground up to a company providing educational support to students though out major cities in the US, including Greater Houston, Chicago, and New York.

AJ & Student Andrew

“We met the Director, AJ Saleem when he was starting the company. We’ve seen the company grow and it has continued in a great direction. The tutors are carefully selected and matched with your student; if the match does not work, Suprex is very willing to match a tutor with your student’s learning style. I love the convenience of having tutors come to my house; tutors were very good at communicating when they would have to change the tutoring schedule. Because of the variance in test days at my child’s schools, I appreciated the fact that tutors could help my son just a day or two prior to the test. The tutors would even switch their schedule if necessary to fit my child’s test schedule.” Carol Brant, St Thomas High School

 “Suprex Learning understands that 1 on 1 tutoring makes all the difference in the world and the tutor, AJ, changed my child’s confidence. The tutor not only boosted my child’s grades grades but he also helped him believe in himself and made him an independent learner” Katie Deal, Calvary Episcopal School

“AJ was very personable and kept in good contact. Also he was good at motivating the student.”  Usha Menon, Sartartia Middle School

“I would like to compliment the entire team that works with AJ. They are all very knowledgeable and friendly and work hard to ensure your child’s success.” Kelley Grayson, Calvary Episcopal

“AJ found a great tutor who was knowledgeable in the test and knew specific strategies to master it, which resulted in success!” Karoline Giza, Northern Illinois University