Dates of important events are difficult enough to keep track of in our everyday lives, and those of history are even more so.

Whether your student is having difficulty in World Geography, US History, World History, Government, or Economics, the tutors at Suprex Learning will use their great love of history to develop an individualized education plan that will enable your student to become a successful social sciences scholar.
Most students need memorization strategies to remember names, dates, places and events in order and reading strategies to parse the volumes of text and essay information in order to succeed in social sciences courses.

How Suprex Tutors work:

Suprex tutors can provide the exact amount of individualized support that your student needs. Our tutors can explain and explore every concept in social sciences from identifying resources in Western African nations in World Geography to the history of the Ming Dynasty in World History to the causes of World War I in US History. Suprex tutors can help students outline the powers of the Executive branch in Government and give them the necessary tools to describe this material in an essay.
The tutoring program of Suprex Learning, Texas can also help your student become more organized and use his or her time more wisely in their social sciences class, enabling your student to manage his or her coursework more effectively and efficiently.

Test Preparation: STAAR, TAKS, SAT Subject Tests, AP Exams

Standardized testing is unavoidable. It rears its ugly head almost any time an assessment is needed. Usually, verbal and reading skills come to mind when thinking about these types of tests, but what many may not realize is that the social sciences are on these exams as well. You child may be doing well enough in their classwork, but these tests probe for weak spots in their comprehension of the subject material and maybe a little extra help wouldn’t hurt.
Here are the tests that Suprex Learning can help you prepare for:
o US History
o World History
o Social Studies
o World Geography
• SAT Subject Tests:
o US History
o World History
• Advanced Placement (AP):
o AP Comparative Government and Politics
o AP European History
o AP Human Geography
o AP Macroeconomics
o AP Microeconomics
o AP Psychology
o AP United States Government and Politics
o AP United States History
o AP World History

Suprex Learning does offer special test prep packages for these examinations, which means that we have a base line curriculum outlined that our tutors will customize to best fit your child’s learning style and schedule.

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