HSPT Test Preparation with Suprex Learning of Houston, TX

If your child is applying to a private high school, Suprex Learning of Houston, Texas has experienced test preparation instructors who can help him or her to perform well on the HSPT. Our program includes a practice workbook, a diagnostic and two full length practice HSPT exams, along with one-on-one or small group instruction designed to familiarize your child with the test format and improve his or her performance on the HSPT. Using a mixture of direct instruction, activity-based learning, and test strategies, your child will gain confidence in test taking while learning the topics covered on the HSPT. Suprex test prep instructors will work strategically to help students actively read passages, memorize vocabulary, identify common grammatical and spelling errors, identify key words in math problem solving questions, and perform mental math to efficiently complete the Math Concepts section. Because the HSPT tests your child’s speed in addition to his or her knowledge in Math, English, and writing, Suprex Learning’s test prep instructors are trained to teach speed reading, skimming-for-information, and mental math techniques, designed to help your child finish each section while answering the questions accurately.

After taking a diagnostic HSPT exam, the Suprex Learning test prep instructor will meet with you and your child to analyze the results and design an individualized test prep program, focusing on his or her specific strengths and weaknesses. For example, if your child scored low in the Vocabulary section of the HSPT, the instructor may suggest three or four hours of intensive work in that area, including hands-on instructional activities designed to strengthen your child’s vocabulary using memorization strategies like mnemonic devices to improve his or her recognition of the most common words tested on the HSPT. Each session will include a variety of techniques including vocabulary building activities, mental math building activities, and speed reading strategies, and practice on test level examples, allowing students to practice using strategies that will help them on the HSPT. For the HSPT writing section, your child will learn the most common grammatical and spelling errors in English usage, so he or she can accurately recognize the errors in sentences and paragraphs. Additionally, our instructors will provide regular updates on student progress, using practice exams given at the halfway point and at the end of the test prep program. Finally, your child will be given homework so he or she can continue to practice on test questions at home, internalizing the test-taking strategies that your child has learned in class.

Timetable and Analysis of the HSPT

Test Section Number of Questions Time Allotted
Verbal Skills 60 16 minutes
Verbal Analogies 10
Synonyms 15
Logic 10
Verbal Classifications 16
Antonyms 9
Quantitative Skills 52 30 minutes
Number Series 18
Geometric Comparison 9
Nongeometric Comparison 8
Number Manipulation 17
Reading 62 25 minutes
Comprehension 40
Vocabulary 22
Mathematics 64 45 minutes
Concepts 24
Problem Solving 40
Language Skills 60 25 minutes
Punctuation and Capitalization 12
Usage 28
Spelling 10
Composition 10

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