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If your child is applying to a private middle or high school, Suprex Learning offers the best ISEE test prep in Houston with certified instructors who can help your child perform well on the ISEE test. Our program includes a practice workbook, a diagnostic and two full length practice ISEE exams, along with one-on-one or small group instruction designed to familiarize your child with the test format and improve his or her performance on the ISEE. Using a mixture of direct instruction, activity-based learning, and test strategies, your child will gain confidence in test taking while learning the topics covered on the ISEE. Suprex test prep instructors will work strategically to help students actively read passages, memorize vocabulary, identify key words in problem solving questions, and write a clear and concise essay.

After taking a diagnostic ISEE Prep Houston exam, your ISEE test prep instructor will meet with you and your child to analyze the results and design an individualized test prep program, focusing on his or her specific strengths and weaknesses. For example, if your child scored low in the Geometry section of the ISEE Math Concepts test, the instructor may suggest three or four hours of intensive work in that area, including hands-on instructional activities designed to strengthen your child’s understanding of theorems applicable to angles, polygons, and circles tested on the ISEE. Each session will include a variety of techniques including vocabulary building activities and memory strategies and practice on test level examples, allowing students to practice using strategies that will help them on the ISEE. For the ISEE essay section, your child will learn to brainstorm ideas, choose varied examples, and organize a five-paragraph thesis in preparation to writing a clear and concise thesis-style essay. Additionally, our instructors will provide regular updates on student progress, using practice exams given at the halfway point and at the end of the test prep program. Finally, your child will be given homework so he or she can continue to practice on test questions at home, internalizing the test-taking strategies that your child has learned in class.

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The goal of the our ISEE Test Prep program is for your student to master each possible topic in the math and verbal section and be able to effectively write an essay. As your student learns and masters each topic, it will be recorded in our online ISEE program which will ensure that you receive the best ISEE Test Prep experience.


Verbal-Verbal Reasoning & Reading Comprehension
Writing-Essay prompt

Sections Covered in Tutoring:
1. Math
2. Reading comprehension
3. Sentence completion
4. Vocabulary


Private ISEE Tutor HoustonLesson plans are always flexible according to students’ needs. Our lessons are lecture based and comprises of working on problems on a white board, interactive practice online, and practicing questions out of the best ISEE Test Prep Book on the market. We prioritize our lesson plan based on the students’ performance on the initial proctored Mock ISEE. We look at what topics and areas he/she scored lowest in and schedule the sessions accordingly. Topics that the student performed below 80% require immediate attention and topics that were above 80% will still be covered in later lessons. Our Houston ISEE test prep instructors will do their best to address all topics within the time frame given before the actual test.

Some Techniques We Cover

Essay essentials –

The four-step writing process
Stressing voice and content over perfect grammar
Avoiding common writing mistakes

Reading Comprehension time management –

Builder Method (Questions first, then passage)
Test Prep Method (Passage first, then questions)

Sentence Completion tips and tricks –

Breaking down tough sentences
Working around unfamiliar vocabulary

Synonym processes –

Three-step method
Avoiding test traps
Working around difficult vocabulary


Memorizing word roots and prefixes or suffixes

Time management-

Managing time effectively for each section of test


Homework will be assigned to student after every lesson. Student will be requested to complete different sections in the Prep Book, memorize vocabulary words, and/or take a diagnostic test.

Private ISEE Tutoring Houston

We will prepare your student for the math part of the ISEE test following the units below. All of these units can be covered dependent upon the needs of your student and how long you have to prepare for your ISEE test.

Unit One       ISEE Test Prep Math: Part One

  • ReviewEstimating the Answer
  • ReviewFractions- Addition, Subtraction, and Multiplication of Fractions
  • Review Finding the common denominator
  • Practice- Test yourself 1 – 8
  • Review subtraction, multiplication, division of whole numbers & decimals
  • Assign dates for practice tests and homework assignment
  • Practice- Test yourself 9 – 20
  • Assign homework and answer questions
  • Answer student/parent questions on program


Unit Two      ISEE Test Prep Math: Part Two

  • Review Homework and answer questions
  • Review Squares and negative exponents
  • Review Division of fractions and percentages
  • Review signed numbers
  • Review Algebraic expressions and functions
  • Practice- Test yourself 20 – 34
  • Review Geometry- Angles, Perimeter, Area, and Volume
  • Review Rate and distance word problems
  • Practice- Test yourself 35 – 52
  • Assign homework and answer questions


Unit Three     ISEE Test Prep Math: Quantitative Ability

  • Review Homework and answer questions
  • How to take multiple choice tests
  • Five Steps for Multiple Choice Math: Getting it Right
  • What do Smart Test Takers Know?
  • Practice- Test yourself Quizzes1 – 10
  • Practice- Quantitative Ability Exercises
  • Assign dates for ISEE practice tests and homework assignment


Unit Four      ISEE Test Prep Math: Quantitative Comparisons

  • Review Homework and answer questions
  • Steps For Solving Comparison Questions
  • What do Smart Test Takers Know?
  • Practice- Test yourself Quizzes
  • Practice- Quantitative Comparison Exercises
  • Practice ISEE test
  • Summary Review, answer questions


Overview of the ISEE Test

The Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) is a standardized test made up of a series of multiple-choice questions and a writing sample that measures your understanding of verbal and mathematics concepts.  The test takes a total of 170 minutes, including two 5 minute breaks following sections 2 and 4.  The ISEE is divided into five sections:

  1. Verbal Reasoning                           40 questions (5 unscored)           20 minutes

Part One:  Synonyms – 20 questions

Part Two:  Sentence Completions – 20 questions

  1. Quantitative Reasoning               37 questions (5 unscored)           35 minutes

Part One:  Word Problems – 19 questions

Part Two:  Quantitative Comparisons – 18 questions

  • Reading                                              36 questions (6 unscored)           35 minutes

Six Reading Passages – 6 questions per passage

  1. Mathematics Achievement       47 questions (5 unscored)           40 minutes

All word problems

  1. Essay                                                    1 prompt                                             30 minutes

Two passages maximum in length

Q: Can my student take the ISEE more than once?
A: Yes, students are allowed to take the ISEE more than one time. A student must wait 6 months before he/she can take the ISEE after taking it on a given date.

The Mock Test and essay will be graded and sent to you for review. We will sit down with the student and provide feedback on the subjects or topics that need to be addressed and recommend a course of action. Below, we have copied some answers to questions that are important to review.

Q: Are there materials that my student is prohibited from using during the ISEE?

A: Most materials other than writing implements are prohibited. Specifically, scrap paper, calculators, calculator watches, rulers, protractors, compasses, dictionaries, and thesauruses are NOT permitted during the actual test.

Q: What materials does my student need to bring to the actual ISEE?

A: For your mock test and test day bring four #2 pencils and two pens with either blue or black ink. Students

may choose to use erasable ink.

Q: Will my student be penalized for a wrong answer? Is it appropriate to guess?

A: Scores are based on the number of correct answers. If the student can eliminate at least one of the choices, he or she should make an educated guess from the choices that remain. A wrong answer and an omitted answer count the same. However, it is better to move ahead to the next item and return to the puzzling one later. No student is expected to answer all questions correctly.


All information was obtained directly from the ERB website for the ISEE at:

(832) 900 9660

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