Pre-Calculus Tutoring Houston

Our private tutors in Houston are hand selected and well trained. All of our tutors must meet our high selection standards in order to be employed by Suprex Learning Center. Our private tutors:
· Are certified teachers or have 2 years professional tutoring experience
· Must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree (some have Master’s Degrees or even PhDs)
· Have a proven track record of success with students

Pre-Calculus is an introductory mathematics subject with a mixture of algebra and trigonometry which our pre-calculus tutors use in order to prepare your child for calculus. Our pre-calculus tutors will use educational procedures such as real time problem solving which includes working directly with your child one-on-one as they solve increasingly difficult sets of problems. Personal one-on-one direction from our pre-calculus tutors must be implemented for maximum improvements in your child’s mathematics endeavours. Our pre-calculus tutors will use this procedure to ensure your child’s progress in totality and the smooth transition to in depth calculus. We have seen improvements in our students in as little as six weeks of tutoring with significant grade level improvements.

Scheduling One of Our Houston Pre-Calculus Tutors

*Flexibility and convenience – At your time and at your home!

Our Pre-Calculus tutors are located in select parts of Greater Houston including Sugar Land, Missouri City, Bellaire, Katy, Cypress, Spring, and Woodlands. We may have a Houston Pre-Calculus tutor in an area near you so call us at 832-900-9660 or book tutoring online now. One of our pre-calculus tutors in Houston will call you within three (3) days after you pay online for tutoring. Our Houston pre-calculus tutors will meet your child in your home or at one of our area Houston tutoring centers.

Pre-Calculus Tutors Houston: Who are they?

Our pre-calculus tutors in Houston are certified teachers or have a minimum of two years of professional tutoring experience. Our pre-calculus specific tutors must be well versed in all subjects of mathematics.

Online Pre-Calculus Tutoring

Your child may also find our qualified Pre-calculus tutors online. Imagine sitting on your computer and receiving the full benefits of a tutor with whom you may interact directly while still being in the comfort of your own home. Our online tutors implement the use of a live whiteboard from which information such as demonstrations, notes, and practice problems may be shared instantly. This simulation will be similar to how we learned mathematics in school but without the physical teacher in the room.

Below are some of the concepts your child will be expected to master:
◦ Vectors
◦ Matrices
-Understanding and solving matrices
◦ Parametric equations and polar coordinates
-An alternative to Cartesian coordinates
◦ Imaginary and complex numbers
-Understanding i and the complex plane
◦ Probability and combinatorics
-Basics of probability and combinatorics
◦ Sequences, series, and induction
-An assortment of concepts in math that help us deal with sequences and proofs
◦ Hyperbolic functions
-Motivation and understanding of hyperbolic functions
◦ Partial fraction expansion
-Learn how to rewrite a complex rational expression as the sum of more simple expressions
◦ Limits
-Preview of the calculus topic of limits

Getting your child ready with Houston Pre-Calculus Tutoring

Not every child finds math easy for some students require extra help. Our pre-calculus tutors in Houston provide that extra help in learning pre-calculus concepts and their applications. Students will be expected to practice and learn complex topics as they may require personal assistance to fully understand such topics. Our private tutors offer one-on-one sessions as well as small group classes. The benefits of small group classes of 2-4 students include the opportunity to learn from other’s mistakes, help each other with common mistakes, and collectively learn pre-calculus as a team. Your child will receive a specialized lesson plan that will allow them to fully grasp the all around concepts of Pre-Calculus. Our tutors work in conjunction with various schools in the Houston area and are highly qualified. We can focus on directly teaching what your child needs to learn as part of the State of Texas required curriculum. You can help your child get ready to reach their goals with pre-calculus tutoring at Suprex Learning Center.

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