Private SSAT Test Prep Houston

The SSAT is used as an entrance exam for many private schools.   It is designed for students entering grades 9 – 12 to show a student’s abilities in math, language, and reading.

The SSAT tests your understanding of verbal and mathematics concepts.  The test takes a total of 170 minutes, including two 5 minute breaks following sections 2 and 4.  The SSAT is divided into five sections:

Section Number of questions Time allotted
Verbal  60 Questions 30 Synonyms

30 Analogies

30 minutes
Quantitative Reasoning Two 25 question sections(Math computation and reasoning) 60 minutes (two 30 minute sections) 
Reading Comprehension 40 questions 40 minutes 
Writing Sample One writing prompt 25 minutes  
Experimental Section (Not graded) 16 Questions 6 verbal

5 reading

5 quantitative

15 minutes


All questions on the SSAT are multiple choice questions except the Essay.  Each multiple choice question has a question or question stem and five answer choices. Of the choices, only one answer is the correct or “best” answer. The essay, although not scored, is a response to a writing prompt in the student’s own handwriting.  The response for the essay will be no longer than two pre-lined pages, front and back.

The first two sections of the Upper Level SSAT, Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning, measure your reasoning ability.

If your child is applying to a private middle or high school, Suprex Learning offers the best SSAT test prep in Houston with certified instructors who can help your child perform well on the SSAT test. Our program includes the Official Practice SSAT workbook, a diagnostic and full length practice SSAT exams, along with one-on-one or small group instruction designed to familiarize your child with the test format and improve his or her performance on the SSAT. Our test prep instructors will work strategically to help students actively read passages, memorize vocabulary, identify key words in problem solving questions, and write a clear and concise essay.

After taking a diagnostic SSAT Prep Houston exam, your SSAT test prep instructor will review your results and design an individualized test prep program, focusing on his or her specific strengths and weaknesses.


Homework will be assigned to student periodically after lessons. Student will be requested to complete different sections in the SSAT Prep Book, memorize vocabulary words, and/or take a diagnostic test.

SSAT Tutors

Our SSAT tutors are providing training on their subject of expertise before they begin tutoring your student. We have SSAT tutors that are ready to help you in Greater Houston, Chicago, and New York area. If you are outside of this area, we can provide online SSAT tutoring for you.

Enroll in SSAT Tutoring

You can sign up to receive SSAT tutoring with us by going to the enrollment page: Your SSAT tutoring will begin after you have completed a practice SSAT with us or if you have taken the SSAT before and submitted your results to us before we begin tutoring.