Summer SAT Prep Program

  • 4 Students Per Class
  • Background Checked
  • Certified Teachers
  • Math & Verbal Specialist
  • 200+ pt improvement guarantee*
  • 22 Lesson SAT Program
  • SAT Mock tests
  • Makeup classes available
  • 1 on 1 help offered
  • Practice worksheets
  • College application advice

Price: $990

(2 Payments of $495.00)

What strategies your student will learn:

  • Effective time management
  • The big secret of SAT passage based reading
  • Avoid careless errors
  • Why guessing fails
  • Avoid wasting time on tough questions
GroupA1 - AMMWJun 13 - Jun 2910am - 1pm3 LeftSign Up
GroupA2 - PMMWJun 13 - Jun 294pm - 7pm4 LeftSign Up
GroupB1 - AMTTHJun 14 - Jun 3010am - 1pm3 LeftSign Up
GroupB2 - PMTTHJun 14 - Jun 304pm - 7pm2 LeftSign Up
GroupC1 - AMSSuJun 18 - Jul 0310am - 1pm3 LeftSign Up
GroupC2 - PMSSuJun 18 - Jul 031pm - 4pm2 LeftSign Up
GroupA3 - AMMWJul 11 - Jul 2710am - 1pm4 LeftSign Up
GroupA4 - PMMWJul 11 - Jul 274pm - 7pm3 LeftSign Up
GroupB3 - AMTTHJul 12 - Jul 2810am - 1pm3 LeftSign Up
GroupB4 - PMTTHJul 12 - Jul 284pm - 7pm2 LeftSign Up
GroupC3 - AMSSUJul 16 - Jul 3110am - 1pm3 LeftSign Up
GroupC4 - PMSSUJul 16 - Jul 311pm - 4pm3 LeftSign Up

Our Summer SAT Prep Houston Program

The SAT is one of the most important steps for any student on the path to college. We know the SAT can be a difficult exam and hiring the proper SAT Prep tutors can be a challenge. That is why we, at Suprex Learning, have created a SAT Summer Prep Program in Houston, TX to help students get more out of a program who may struggle with being self-motivated learners. If you’re a parent looking for in-depth training that will help your student master the SAT, have a look at our thorough 22 Lesson breakdown plan that goes over every crucial element of the SAT. A proper test prep program should consist of two major items: content and strategy. We know many other programs focus on teaching tricks, techniques and hidden strategies but here at Suprex Learning, we are big believers on content. We know when the tricks don’t work that content is your fallback. Take for example this common test taking technique. If you don’t know the answer to a question, find the two answer choices that are similar and decide between them. Algebra math problem: Solve for x in the equation: sample-sat-problem Answer choices: a) -5 b) -1 c) 1 d) 5 In this particular problem, what do you do when all the answer choices are completely different? Fortunately, any Suprex SAT student would know, to solve this math problem one would use the math concept: the quadratic formula. (Which is taught in our curriculum.) Solution: Use quadratic formula a = 1, b = 2, c = 1 summer-sat-prep-class-solution Sat-prep-course-problem As you can see our program is a thorough program unlike other “hacking” test prep programs. We offer a comprehensive Houston Summer SAT prep program that covers the 7 major foundations of the SAT:

  1. Math
  2. Reading comprehension
  3. Sentence completion
  4. Analogies
  5. Vocabulary & synonyms
  6. Improving sentences & paragraphs
  7. Essay writing

Our Summer SAT Prep in Houston, TX, offers a program designed to fit the SAT preparation needs and the ability to think critically and quickly

Sign up for our Flexible Test Prep Course

Our SAT Prep Classes have a flexible lesson plan model that is tailored for the busy parent. If you child had signed up for the Monday-Wednesday class and misses a Monday, he/she can make up the class on Tuesday. We know summer vacation can consist of road trips and vacation fun and we have designed our SAT Prep program to go around the common problem of absences. Calendar image However, if your student misses a Saturday-Sunday session those classes cannot be made up.

Our Houston Summer SAT Tutors Create Independent test takers

Our Summer SAT tutors are focused on making sure your child’s SAT preparation is effective and efficient from day one. We take pride that whatever a student learns from our SAT teachers they can use those same techniques on the same day. We specifically trained SAT Tutors to teach the topics in the way that a student can pick up the concepts quickly. Our SAT instructors use specifically designed SAT Prep books, worksheets, and practice tests and use them in a form of repetitive training to drill concepts in longer term memory. The reason for our “rinse, wash, and repeat method” is that we want our students to become independent learners and test takers. Our Houston SAT Test Prep Tutors teach how to tackle the math problems with confidence, and breeze through the verbal section. Our classes are small, between 2 and 4 students, so the SAT Test Prep Tutor can respond to each student’s questions and needs appropriately. Our Individualized SAT Tutoring program begins with a practice test to help identify areas of weaknesses and strengths. With those test results, our SAT Tutor will use SAT test prep books to target your child’s weaknesses and bolster your child’s strengths, producing faster and more dramatic improvements in scores.

Qualifications of our SAT Tutors Houston

All of the Suprex Learning SAT Tutors in Houston have a minimum of: • a college degree, • a teaching certification or a master’s degree • over 2 years of tutoring experience Each SAT prep course has two Houston SAT Tutors, one specializing in the math section and one specializing in the verbal section. By focusing on one area, each of our SAT prep tutors can make their section the best SAT prep class for that topic. With a background in teaching, our SAT test prep tutors know how to explain the concepts clearly and in an engaging manner. All of our tutors have passed a rigorous in-person interview and have demonstrated their teaching skills in an engaging manner.

Summer SAT Preparation in Houston Texas

Practice is critical in preparing for the SAT, so practice questions and practice tests are administered throughout our Summer SAT prep course and your child must master the SAT practice test before we feel confident that your child is ready for the real exam. That is why we are referred to as being the best SAT prep course in Houston. On average our students often see improvements of 250 to 500 points and higher. Our SAT prep class in Houston is a very thorough summer program to help your child better prepare for the exam.