Prevailing in Pre-Calculus

Whether your student is struggling with transforming trigonometric functions or finding the limits of rational functions, the tutors at Suprex Learning will create a customized lesson plan to ensure their success.

Regardless of your student’s current level of skill, this unique plan will provide your child with specific educational strategies, designed to improve his or her overall performance and confidence in pre-calculus and to challenge them for future success.

Beyond simple homework help, these educational strategies provide students with a framework by which they can succeed in all their studies. Additionally, Suprex will provide a tutor who is highly qualified to help your child succeed in Pre-Cal and prepare them for the rigor of AP Calculus.

Proper Prior Preparation Prevents Problems:

Pre-Cal Pepper Up

Because Pre-Calculus is considered an upper level math course, it is extremely important that any instructional approach includes strategies that will ensure student success in AP Calculus. Students will need to understand mathematical concepts like functions and volume at the abstract level; individual instruction from highly skilled tutors is essential to explain and explore these abstract concepts so students can relate to them.

Our tutors will work with your child’s curriculum and reformat it to emphasis the areas and topics with which your child has the most trouble. The tutors at Suprex Learning will help your student develop the higher level of cognition required to truly understand mathematical processes as they prepare for Calculus.

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