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Learning the Spanish language within a classroom can be difficult. Spanish teachers generally focus on teaching vocabulary, conjugating verbs, and translating passages from Spanish to English or English to Spanish. Often, students will get lost in this one-size-fits-all approach. At Suprex Learning our tutors are native Spanish speakers, fluent in speaking, writing, and reading Spanish, who are highly qualified to teach these skills to your child.

Our tutors will assess your child’s Spanish skills and create and individualized educational plan to meet his or her specific needs. Whether your child needs help with absorbing, memorizing or speaking Spanish, Suprex Spanish tutors can design a program that will improve their fluency.

In middle and high school Spanish courses, students do not get enough instruction or practice in speaking Spanish. Many students complete four or five years in Spanish and are still unable to accomplish a simple conversation in Spanish. Because speaking Spanish is important in class and is required on AP and SAT Subject tests, creating your own sentences and responding appropriately in Spanish is a focus of the Suprex Spanish tutoring program.

Spanish Standardized Testing

Both the SAT Subject tests and the AP exams assesses verbal and written competency as well as basic comprehension, grammar and vocabulary. This is one reason that adding a personal tutor to your child’s study regime may be a good idea. They would have the ability to converse one-on-one with a fluent Spanish speaker, with individual attention to your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

The SAT subject tests offers Spanish as an optional addition to your SAT. The exam is 85 multiple choice questions. There is the option to take the Spanish subject test with a listening portion. If this is the test you are preparing for, expect:
20 minutes Listening Total of 85 Multiple Choice Questions
40 minutes Reading

The AP test is more comprehensive and evaluates students’ reading, writing, and speaking skills. An outline of the test is as follows:
Section 1:
• Interpretive Communication
o Part A:
 30 Multiple choice questions/ 40 minutes
 Print texts only
o Part B:
 35 multiple choice questions/ 55 minutes
 Combined print and audio texts
 Audio only texts
Section 2:
• Free Response: Writing
o Interpersonal Writing
 Read and reply to an email
 15 minutes
o Presentational Writing
 Write a persuasive essay
 Given 3 sources
 55 minutes
• Free Response: Speaking
o Interpersonal speaking: conversation outline
 5 prompts
 20 seconds per prompt
o Presentational: Cultutal Comparison
 4 minutes to read prompt and prepare
 2 minutes to present and record
In total the Spanish AP exam is 3 hours long with 85 minutes of multiple choice questions and 95 minutes of free response questions. Each section of the exam is weighted equally.

After your child works with our highly qualified tutors, he or she will be able to read and write Spanish and translate passages successfully. Most importantly, our tutors will give your child the confidence and practice to converse with other Spanish-speaking persons effectively. These skills will help your child not only improve their performance in class and on placement tests but also to become truly fluent in Spanish.

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