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About Suprex Learning

Suprex Learning has the best Houston tutors and has helped students from all grade levels and subjects achieve their educational goals. We pride ourselves in personable service and building a relationship with our students along with Houston’s best tutors. Suprex Learning has proven to be a leader in the academic support industry providing affordable and quality tutoring and coaching.

Suprex provides Academic Tutoring, Test Prep, Learning Disability Therapy, and has a private school division for students with learning disabilities, Excelsior Academy. We teach in all subjects including math, science, English and social studies in Greater Houston. Suprex Learning provides tutoring/therapy at our center, in your home, at a local library, or at your school. We have helped over 300 students since 2011 achieve success and improve their grades through our efforts and coaching.

* No Contract & No Enrollment fee *

Our benefits

  • Affordable rates and flexible payment options
  • Custom lesson plan
  • Public and private school based curriculum
  • Assessment and tests to view student progress
  • Referral and sibling discount

We treat your class as if it were our own and strive to achieve the highest grades. Because our tutors are mostly college students or recent college graduates, we are better able to relate to students on a personal level to provide the best tutoring in Houston.

Mission / Philosophy

Mission: To help students excel in academics and achieve success

Vision: To help all students overcome learning barriers and utilize their full potential

Philosophy: Every student can achieve success if they apply themselves.

How we Target the Problem

  • We evaluate each student’s learning comprehension with a proven software program.
  • We assess the results and develop a thorough strategic learning plan.
  • We match students with the best tutors in Houston

How did Suprex Learning Climb to the TOP?

With our proven system we’ve helped students achieve grades beyond their normal history of grades. Time and time again, Suprex Learning has  proven to be the leader in tutoring and assisting students with learning in the industry. Through our coaching and employing only the best Houston tutors, we have helped students build excellent organizational skills and good study habits.

With Suprex, you achieve success!

Why go with a Houston tutoring company?

The difference in going with a Houston tutoring company versus going with an individual:

  1. Comfort of always having a tutor- you don’t have to scramble around looking for a replacement if your tutor is no longer available to you
  2. Superior quality service and professionalism
  3. Instruction fully backed by thousands of tutoring hours with success
  4. The ability to view all your individual tutoring sessions and notes regarding each
  5. Convenient billing cycles: pre-pay for tutoring credits and don’t worry about paying your tutor each time they teach!
  6. Convenient payment options- credit card and check accepted

What is the benefit of dealing with a privately owned tutoring company in Houston versus a tutoring franchise?

Many Houston tutoring franchise owners are not qualified tutors and have no teaching experience. They vary from different backgrounds including administrative professionals, people from government jobs, or those that may have had other small businesses such as a nail salon. Suprex Learning is one of the only tutoring companies in Houston in which the Director has tutoring experience himself and has personally taught over 100 students. This experience allows the owner to know the ins and outs of what a student needs and how to best approach teaching him/her. In rare cases, the Director of Suprex Learning has even substituted himself in for tutoring sessions to ensure client satisfaction.