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Worried that your child will FORGET the math they learned in school? Don’t want to place them in a long and boring summer program?


Summer Tutoring Programs Guide

Want a summer academic workshop for any subject? We can help your student in reading, writing, math, or science in the summer at times that fit your schedule. See our Summer Reading & Writing Program page.

Summer Math Programs Offered on Campus and In-home

Grades 2-8 Basic Math
Pre-Algebra, Algebra
Pre-Calculus, Calculus 1-2
English- Reading & Writing
Test Preparation
Educational Therapy
Our summer math programs consists of remediation and preparation for the next school year. For math we will ensure the student has a solid foundation in the subject taught in the previous school year, then we will transition into teaching the math topics for the upcoming school year. Math will utilize ALEKS online and Khan Academy software which helps each student master the various topic in each grade level. The instructor will teach concepts and allow the student to do the practice problems in ALEKS. Study Island will also be utilized for other subjects including English and Science. The Suprex Learning program is an excellent way for your student to get a head start so that your student will excel early. We offer Educational Therapy for those students who struggle with learning disabilities.

Some of our online programs used with 1 on 1 tutoring:

Each semester include 16 hours of instruction. 4 hours per week- 2 sessions (2 hours each).
1. Choose Semester I, II, or Crash Course
2. Choose Weekday or Weekend Option
3. Choose Time of day
or Pick Your Own Hours and Days

Alternate Timings available (Pick Your Own Hours)
Morning: 9:00 am-11:00 am
Afternoon: 1:00 pm-3:00 pm
Evening: 5:30 pm-7:30 pm

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Our sign up page has options for each session. You can sign up for half-day for just Math or full day for English & Math!

Looking for Summer 1-on-1 Tutoring?

1 on 1: $768, 16 hours of instruction (make your own schedule)


Summer Camp Instructor in Cypress, TX


Certified Teacher

Subjects: Reading, Writing, SAT Verbal, STAAR, K-8 Math, Educational Therapy


Summer Camp Intructor in The Woodlands, TX


Certified Teacher

Subjects: K-8 Math, STAAR Test Prep, Special Education, Reading


Summer Camp Instructor in Katy, TX


Master’s Degree

Subjects: Chemistry, Algebra, Pre-Cal, Calculus, Physics, Graduate level DISC courses, ISEE, Educational Therapy


Summer Camp Instructor in Sugar Land, TX


Master’s Degree

Subjects: Elementary math, elementary science, writing & essays, reading, English, STAAR


Summer Camp Instructor in Spring, TX

Matthew Craven

Certified Teacher

Subjects: Elementary Math, Middle School Math, Algebra, College Algebra, Trigonometry, Statistics, Elementary Science, Middle School Science, Chemistry, English, Reading, Writing/Essays, Grammar, Literature, Government, Political Science, STAAR


Summer Camp Instructor in Houston, TX


Certified Teacher

Subjects: All Elementary Subjects, Language Arts/Reading, Vocabulary and Comprehension Elementary Math Elementary Science, Middle School Algebra and Geometry Government , Political Science , History, SAT Prep, College Essays

Summer Math Program Group Schedule

Summer Session Afternoon: Math and Science
Time Objective Activity
12:30-12:45pm Math enrichment Brain TeasersEx: “I am an odd number but if I subtract one letter I am even. What number am I?”Answer: Seven
12:45-1:00pm How do you use math and science on a job or in daily life? Math and Science Career VideosEx:Grocery Store: Man good recipes require the cook to purchase items at the grocery store. Smart shoppers understand unite pricing, estimation and computation, economics, multiplication and the various methods use for pay for purchases.
1:00-1:45pm Interactive math through playing adaptive versions of Monopoly, Uno, Twister and Hop Scotch Monopoly Math, Uno, Twister (arithmetic, multiplication, factors, probability, economics and prime numbers)
1:45-2:00pm Apply concepts learned from games Math concepts related to Monopoly, Uno, Twister (Arithmetic, money and Algebra)Ex: “If you roll a 5 the 1st time, what number do you need on the next roll to get to the 12th spot?”
2:00-2:30pm Hands on application Science lab options with a focus on lab safetyMake Borax CrystalBotany: Grow a plantDensity tubes
2:30-3:00pm Review concepts learned Science lab reflection
3:00-3:30pm Energy in our worldPlanets and astronomy Earth and Space Science

A la Carte Tutoring option- sign up for less than 16 summer hours by choosing a Pay As You Go plan that fits your budget
Suprex Tutoring Pricing

Education Therapy (ET)

$600 per semester, 10 hours of therapy

Family Discounts for Tutoring:
2nd sibling discount: $400 per student per semester (group instruction)
3rd sibling discount: $350 per student per semester (group instruction)

If signing up for a private group, please ensure that your time slot coincides with your tutoring group.

What Makes Us Our Summer Math Programs Different?

Unlike other summer math programs in Houston, we provide a more personal approach to teaching, keep our class sizes small and cater to the needs of the individual student. There will be no more than 3 students grouped together in a particular class. Our goal is to have each student overcome learning barriers in math and utilize their full potential.

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