Summer Reading Programs in Houston

Summer is here and finding things for your kids to do can be a hassle. You don’t want your kids to sit idle during the summer months, but you don’t want them to fill their schedule with fruitless busy work. Suprex Learning Center has the perfect solution: Summer Reading! At Suprex Learning Center Houston, we know that the summer is great time to capitalize on your child’s free time and make serious gains for the upcoming year. Summer Reading is a great way to make sure that your kids are exposed to mentally stimulating activities that won’t feel stale or boring. Summer reading program ideas can be tough to come up with on your own so Suprex Learning Center has taken out all the guesswork for you. We want to make sure your child in actively engaged in a fun program that won’t feel like a chore. Reading is fun and we want your child to discover that same joy!

What makes our Summer Reading Program special?

At Suprex Learning Center Houston, our summer reading program is dedicated to making sure your child gets the most out of their summer. This is the perfect summer reading program for your kids. Your child will be able to take part in a comprehensive program that is focused on improving multiple facets of reading comprehension. It is imperative to us that the reading and writing activities have been chosen to enhance your child’s understanding and appreciation of the reading material. We also want your child to understand that learning doesn’t just take place in the pages of a book. Our summer reading program will incorporate hands-on learning with traditional academic techniques to get the most out of their time.

What kind of sample activities can your child expect?

  • A visit to the state park will help teach your child about the importance of living in harmony with nature
  • A visit to the Houston Zoo can teach your child about the various animals that call this planet home with us
  • A trip to the Public library to have a chance to check out books of their own
  • A visit to a senior citizen’s home to help develop a sense of community

All of our activities will be combined with writing exercises to bring home the lessons learned on their trips. Your child may be asked to write a short story about the plants they saw in the state park, “What kind of creatures live in those trees? What do you think life is like for them?”. Or maybe they’ll craft a story about the animals they met at the zoo, “What do you think the lions talk about when we aren’t there?”. Mentally engaging your child, while sparking his or her imagination makes this summer reading program an excellent way to spend their time off.

During our summer reading program, your child will engage in group discussion about the stories they read in order to learn how to socialize with their peers and how to appreciate hearing the views of others. Reading isn’t a solitary endeavor and your child will learn that hearing another person’s perspective on a story helps lend something special to the experience. During these discussions your child will learn how the stories that they read about tie to current events and sharpen their reading comprehension techniques.

Instead of simply having your child read books this summer, let Suprex Learning Center improve your child’s reading, comprehension and writing. Our Summer Reading Program will include creative writing components that will focus on understanding different writing styles, learning how to format their writing for various styles, practicing timed writing to mimic standardized testing, and developing social skills to properly engage in fruitful discussions with the other members of the camp.