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At Suprex Learning, we know that every parent wants their child to be successful. For some students, that may mean that they’ll require a little more help outside of class. No matter your personal needs, your student’s age, grade or personal challenges, we have tutors who are specially equipped to help them achieve their goals. If your student struggles with learning disabilities like dyslexia, or deals with ADD/ADHD, our tutors can equip your child with the tools to be successful.

We start every student off with a baseline assessment. It is important to understand that your student’s study skills and general skills need to be assessed in order to provide the best possible service. We want to have a clear picture of your student’s strengths and weakness so that we can create a plan to address their specific goals.

Our math tutors know that tutoring isn’t just about addressing your current needs. Our tutors are committed to making sure that your student is competent in their current Math skills, in addition to being prepared for the future. We want your student to have a solid foundation that can be built upon to continued success.

Quality Math Teachers

Finding a suitable math tutor can be challenging and at Suprex we want to help remove the guesswork. We know that when you’re looking for a math tutor you want to feel comfortable with the choice you’ve made. You want to be confident that your tutors are well equipped and have a proven track record of excellence. All of our Math tutors are:

  • Certified teachers or have 2 years of professional tutoring experience
  • Have expertise in math subjects and specific experience teaching Math
  • Possess a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree (some have a Master’s degree also)

Our tutors are all committed to providing the best experience possible for your child. In addition to being well qualified, our tutors are also interested in seeing students become successful. It isn’t just about business; it is about a genuine desire to see that ‘light bulb’ go off for each and every student. When you choose us, you can rest assured that you are choosing a quality service and a quality product. When it comes to Math Tutoring Houston feel confident in knowing that working with us will be a pleasant and successful experience.


Private Math Tutoring on your Schedule


While researching other tutoring services, it can be difficult to find someone who is willing to work with your personal schedule. At Suprex Learning, you always have the option of either a one-on-one class or a small group session. Our math tutoring lessons are personally crafted for each child so you know that your child’s lesson was made specifically for them. You don’t have to worry about an ill-fitting ‘one size fits all’ approach, because we believe that even if your child isn’t ‘one size’ they still deserve quality tutoring.

Our math tutors know that each child’s needs are different and we work closely to make sure that their lesson is designed to help them achieve all their goals. Our tutors are willing to meet you at your home, your local library or even at our center in Sugar land, whatever it will take to fit into your schedule.

Some tutoring programs only have the option for in center learning at times that may not be convenient for you. We offer flexibility and you can rest easy knowing that even if your child’s schedule changes from week to week, we can adapt to that change.
In Home Math Tutor

Children have busier schedules than they did 10 years ago. You may not always have the opportunity to take your child to a tutoring center to get the help they need. Suprex Learning offers affordable In Home Tutoring Houston to help meet the needs of your student’s hectic schedule. Our private tutors will drive to you and offer you premium in home one-on-one tutoring services in the comfort of your own home.


Much of math is focused on building on information from the previous year. If you child’s foundation isn’t strong, the cracks will begin to show and the problems will only get worse down the line. For many children who say they aren’t good at math, the true issue is that they just don’t understand it as well as their classmates. Give your child a chance to excel.


If your child has deficiencies from previous years, let us help them get addressed. Set your child up for success and let us help increase their confidence and their abilities. Make an appointment today to talk to our Director and get started on your private Math tutoring classes right away!

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A Word From Our Students!

“My daughter needed help and I called Suprex. In less than a month, she received A’s. That’s how well she did with Suprex Learning and I want to thank them. Upon graduating she received honors in math.”

-Dellita Garraway, Algebra Student

“The tutor was well matched with my son. He was able to teach him what he didn’t understand. I was happy with his knowledge of the subject and with the match.”

-Muad McAndrews, Algebra Student

“We met the Director, AJ Saleem when he was starting the company. We’ve seen the company grow and it has continued in a great direction. The tutors are carefully selected and matched with your student; if the match does not work, Suprex is very willing to match a tutor with your student’s learning style. I love the convenience of having tutors come to my house; tutors were very good at communicating when they would have to change the tutoring schedule. Because of the variance in test days at my child’s schools, I appreciated the fact that tutors could help my son just a day or two prior to the test. The tutors would even switch their schedule if necessary to fit my child’s test schedule.”

Collin Brant, Calculus 1 student

“My daughter was struggling in Pre Cal and her tutor Imran quickly helped her. She was a 70 average student and after a month of tutoring her last progress report was a 92. She is now confident and making A’s and B’s on tests, not 30s. We are very pleased.”

Lauren Hunter, Pre Calculus student

“My son who was in Calculus BC needed little boost in helping with his subject. We tried 3 different tutors and were not satisfied with the outcome. Either tutor was not clicking or the location of tutoring was a bad choice. Googling for tutor, we came across Suprex Learning. We were kind of reluctant and wary of the tutor we are going to get. After talking with front office Amer and Ajmal, we agreed that we are going to try a tutor for a week or so. Anyways the grades started improving for my son and he was really comfortable with the tutor and the location which was my own home.”

Calculus student

“The tutoring session was very positive. The tutor was exceptional and quickly developed a rapport with my child. Reinforced what was being taught in the class. Complimented and gave positive feedback to my child on his work and progress”

Branden Northcutt, Math student