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Each and every student seeking ADD treatment will have specific and varied needs. At Suprex Learning Center Houston, we are dedicated to meeting the needs of each student.  Many students with learning disabilities are intelligent, and they may excel at certain subjects while experiencing difficulties in others. Traditionally for those with ADD their issues have been commonly addressed through medication and psychotherapy.  We strive to provide a natural form of brain training as ADD and ADHD treatment to students dealing with ADD and ADHD Houston.

What is ADD?

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is a learning disability that combines inattentiveness and impulsivity. In addition to the stigma of a learning disability, the inattentiveness and impulsivity associated with ADD make the learning disability even more challenging. In many cases an individual may also have characteristics of being hyperactive and so he or she is said to have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Attention Deficient Disorder (ADD) can sometimes feel like an unconquerable obstacle. At Suprex Learning Center Houston, we are focused on providing students with ADD & ADHD treatment and techniques to successfully overcome their challenges. We strive to provide the best treatment for students with ADD and ADHD here in the Houston area.

ADD & ADHD Treatment in Houston

Our staff has been able to assist students currently enrolled at Excelsior Academy that have been diagnosed with ADD and ADHD by improving their academic performance through NILD (The National Institute for Learning Disabilities) Educational Therapy which consists of very efficient techniques for ADD and ADHD treatment. There are many core techniques used in an NILD Educational Therapy session to address the academic and cognitive processing needs of individual students. We follow core techniques including Blue Book, Dictation and Copy, Buzzer, Math Block and Rhythmic Writing. These techniques encourage strategy development, self-questioning skills, oral communication and language proficiency as well as help in maintaining focus for students. Through these techniques, we aim to provide comprehensive ADD & AHDH therapy for your child.

ADD & ADHD Treatment in Houston: Rhythmic Writing

At Suprex Learning Center, we utilize non-medical forms of ADD & ADHD therapy for your child’s ADD & ADHD treatment. Rhythmic Writing (RW) for example, improves visual and cognitive skills while building visual-motor integration, sensory integration and directionality. Rhythmic Writing also addresses the lack of focus in students which can be detrimental to their learning outcomes. Rhythmic Writing improves focus by combining the physical act of tracing on a chalkboard with the mental action of completing math problems that are called out by the Educational Therapist. In Rhythmic Writing, the student traces figure “8s” on a chalkboard, dictates the direction he/she is tracing to the instructor, and answers mental math problems directed by the education specialist. The sounds that are produced by physically writing on the chalkboard creates neuro-feedback and helps to amplify the ADD & ADHD treatment for your child. Writing also includes letter formation and cursive writing. These tasks prompt the student to think on different dimensions since the student must say the direction he or she is tracing while the Educational Therapist asks simple math operations. This combination of exercises stimulates their brain and guides them to focus. See the attached Rhythmic Writing video to observe an example of what the core component of ET looks like

ADD & ADHD Treatment in Houston: Auditory Memory Training Exercises

         Auditory Memory Training exercises help develop visual imagery by increasing auditory attention and improving short term auditory sequential memory. You child may be given a starting number and asked to count forward or backwards by a given value, “Count by 7’s starting with 4). By having the student verbally express only the answer they are combining the mathematical calculation with the mental focus. These ADD & ADHD tutoring techniques help to develop strategic thinking in your child.

ADD & ADHD Treatment in Houston: Dictation and Copy

         Dictation and Copy are ADD & ADHD tutoring techniques that help to improve copying skills, develop proofreading skills and develop long-term visual memory. Students will be asked to read a paragraph, discuss the top sentence and supporting details and then explain in their own words the main idea and supporting facts. Through the completion of this ADD & ADHD technique, students will be able to improve their auditory memory, develop their understanding of paragraph structure, improve reading comprehension and language processing and encourage application and transfer of spelling rules.

ADD & ADHD Treatment Houston

Finding successful treatment for a child with ADD/ADHD in Houston can be difficult and the stats show that more and more parents are recognizing the signs in their children. Although medication and psychotherapy are traditional methods of ADD/ADHD treatment, they are not the only options available to you. At Suprex Learning Center Houston, we utilize natural brain training and techniques from the NILD (the National Institute for Learning Disabilities). Let our tutors work with you to find a customized treatment plan to meet your child’s unique needs.

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