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At Suprex Learning Center you can get the trigonometry help you need, exactly when you need it. We offer Houston Trigonometry Tutoring to help your child master the thorny subject of trigonometry.

Trigonometry Tutors, Trig – What does it even mean?

Although some schools teach trigonometry or trig as a separate subject, it is often included in the larger category of geometry. Geometry can be described as the study of shapes and as a result trigonometry is the study of triangles.
Trigonometry is important because it is considered the foundation for high school and college mathematics. Geometry, Algebra II and Calculus all build off the concepts learned in Trigonometry. It is also a key concept that appears on numerous standardized tests like the SAT, ACT and STARR.
Our private tutors pool information from both private and public school textbooks to make sure all possible information is covered. As a rule, we tend to follow the coursework from your child’s school, but if you’d like a personalized lesson plan out tutors can create one.
What kind of subject can you expect us to cover with your student?
• Sine/Cosine/Tanget
• Trigonometric functions
• Pythagorean Identities
• Properties of Triangles

Houston’s Best Tutors in Trigonometry

Our private trigonometry tutors are thoroughly vetted and well trained to prepare your student for Trigonometry. All of our tutors must meet exceptionally high selection standards in order to be employed by Suprex Learning Center. Our private tutors:
• Are certified teachers or have 2 years professional tutoring experience
• Must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree (some have Master’s Degrees or even PhDs)
• Have a proven track record of success with students

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Our tutors are specially trained to help your child tackle the concepts of Trigonometry. It doesn’t matter if you want one-on-one training for your child, or if you’re interested in a small group session, we can accommodate your needs. We are committed to providing your child with the best possible assistance and are fully prepared to do what it takes to help your child succeed. At Suprex Learning Center, we are ready to help your student get the help they need. Our specially trained private tutors are ready to get your child on track with trigonometry, today! Don’t’ wait. Make an appointment to meet with one of your tutors today.

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