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The STAAR is the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness. Students from grades 3-12 must take the STAAR to measure his or her readiness for the next grade level. The STAAR is known as a more cognitive test that requires more critical thinking when compared to the TAKS. We have tutors in Houston trained in STAAR preparation that can help your student pass this critical standardized test. The STAAR also helps schools determines whether a student is on track toward high school graduation,  college, and work readiness. Our tutoring begins with an in-person assessment of your student’s desired tutoring subject(s) for the STAAR.  We have diagnostics tests for the math, reading, science, and social studies sections of the STAAR depending on your student’s grade level. The STAAR End of Course assessment measures mastery of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for high school students and determines their career readiness.

1-on-1 STAAR Test Prep- Houston

Our Houston tutors can provide in-home test prep or in center tutoring for the STAAR at our Sugar Land center. If you can’t commit to in home tutoring or meeting at our Sugar Land center, our tutors even have the option to meet with you online. Your assigned Houston tutor will put together an individualized lesson plan for your student based on his or her diagnostic test to determine the needs for tutoring.

Small Group Test Prep for the STAAR- Houston

If you are looking to obtain the best tutoring rates in Houston, then small group tutoring is an ideal option for you. We recommend coordinating a group of siblings or friends together to form a small group to qualify for the most affordable tutoring when compared to 1 on 1 tutoring.

STAAR Test Prep Strategies

Our STAAR Tutoring will cover STAAR Test Prep strategies and techniques with your student.

  1. Read directions carefully and completely.
    The STAAR Test is a timed test so keep track of your time. After getting the cue to start the test, quickly go over the section to get an overview of what you are working on. This gives you an idea about the STAAR test and what questions you can cover first.
  2. Answer questions in a strategic order:
    Answer easy STAAR questions first to build confidence and eliminate obvious incorrect answers. Read through the test a second time and answer more difficult questions. You may pick up cues for answers from the first reading, or become more comfortable with the test environment.
  3. There is no penalty for guessing on the STAAR, so use process of elimination to select your best answer choice. Use hints from questions you do know to answer questions you do not.
  4. Do not second guess your first answers if you have marked your answer based on logic using elimination rule and critical analysis then do not change your answer. Your first guess is probably your best answer choice.
  5. Highlight key words on the STAAR test such as not true, always, least likely, all except, and never.
  6. For multiple choice questions
  1. A) If the two answers look alike: probability is that one of them is correct; choose the best by eliminating choices that mean basically the same thing, and thus cancel each other out.
  2. B) If there are double negatives then: create the equivalent positive statement and always look out for negatives in questions because it changes the best answer you are looking for in the choices.

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