Is your child’s Physics class a force to be reckoned with?

Whether your student is struggling with Ohm’s Law, centripetal acceleration, Newtonian mechanics, or needs help preparing for the Physics STAAR End of Course or AP exams, the tutors at Suprex Learning of Houston, Texas will create an individualized education plan to ensure his or her success.

Regardless of your student’s current level of skill, this unique plan will provide your child with specific educational strategies designed to improve their overall performance and confidence in Physics and to challenge them for future success.

Beyond simple homework help, these educational strategies provide students with a framework by which they can succeed in all their studies. Additionally, Suprex will provide a tutor who is highly qualified to assist your student through the rigorous coursework of any physics class.
Every one of the tutors at Suprex meets one of the following requirements:

1) Possesses a state teaching certificate
2) Possesses a relevant Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and at least two years of professional tutoring experience

The Suprex Learning academic consultants are experts that can help with all aspects of physics. We will match your student with a highly knowledgeable tutor who can answer every Physics question your student has.

We believe in a hands on approach to learning whenever possible and applicable and Physics is a perfect example. In addition to explaining and exploring the concepts of Physics, Suprex tutors will prepare demonstrations, simulations, and experiments to SHOW the students how the concepts actually work.

These demonstrations will enable your student to visualize the concept, making it easier for him to apply the concept in problem and on tests. Finally, each session with Suprex tutors will include test taking strategies that will prepare your student for the Physics STAAR End of Course.

AP Physics 1 &2 and AP Physics C

Although the AP Physics exams have undergone some changes, they still remain difficult and intimidating tests. In order better cover the vast amount of information excepted of college-level students, the College Board has two sets of AP Physics exams. The AP Physics B is algebraically based while the AP Physics C is calculus based. Both cover the same material, but the methods used to formulate equations and calculate the answers differ.

In 2014 the College Board Advanced Placement (AP) Exams changed the Physics B exam to two separate tests, the AP Physics 1 and AP Physics 2 exams. The AP Physics 1 exam covers:

• Newtonian Mechanics
• Rotational Mechanics
• Introduction to Electricity

The AP Physics 2 exam covers everything that was not covered in the first test. This includes:

• Thermodynamics
• Fluid mechanics
• Optics
• Electricity and magnetism
• Modern physics

The AP Physics C exam breaks the material into two exams as well, AP Physics C: Mechanics and AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism. Therefore, AP Physics 1 roughly equals AP Physics C: Mechanics and AP Physics 2 is approximately equivalent to AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism.

These classes are tough! Don’t allow yourself to become frustrated and give up on a Physics class when you’re struggling in it. It’s important to learn how to ask for help. Our tutors understand the stress, they’ve been there, and want to see you succeed.

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