Dyslexia Defined: Treatment & Tutoring in Houston, TX

What is Dyslexia?

A large amount of children have dyslexia but very few have been professionally diagnosed to have dyslexia Houston. Dyslexia is a lot more complicated than an individual’s inability to differentiate between letters that look similar like ”b” and “d”. Dyslexic people have a difficulty that affects vital skills required for learning and understanding and so, they may have problems separating sounds of spoken words. Dyslexia is therefore a developmental learning disorder that hinders a person’s ability to read, recognize and process words or symbols. People do not become dyslexic as a result of lack of intelligence; in fact most people with dyslexia have normal or above average intelligence. Also, dyslexia is not caused by a lack of vision or problems with sight. Excelsior Academy provides accommodation for students with dyslexia Houston.

Dyslexia Treatment Houston

Our treatment for dyslexia includes phonics and writing. 

We provide students in the Houston area with dyslexia treatment by using treatment techniques such as the Blue Book Method. Dyslexic students are able to improve their reading abilities through phonics activities starting with the foundation of the English language from vowel sounds, consonants, blends and the basic rules of the English language. This method improves the auditory, visual and cognitive skills of students with dyslexia. These treatments work on the students’ abilities such as the ability to decode and encode word and sounds. Our Sounds of Language book helps students with rhyming, syllable segmentation, blending, sound deletion, and sound isolation. We also provide fun and natural techniques that are very effective for dyslexia treatment Houston.

Dyslexia Tutoring & Therapy Houston

Writing Tutoring for Dyslexia Students Houston

Between 5 to 20 percent of children in the US have dyslexia and that means that a lot of children require dyslexia therapy. Dyslexia tutoring in Houston is not very common and so, a lot of children do not get the assistance and guidance that they need in order to be able to reach their highest potential. At Suprex Learning, we provide students with NILD Educational Therapy techniques that are useful in strengthening a student’s ability to understand, manipulate and sounds. The students with dyslexia in Houston receive writing therapy through acquiring the foundation of cursive writing. This is part of the Rhythmic Writing technique in which we also help students build their cognitive skills. These techniques are useful for students getting dyslexia tutoring in Houston.

Reading Therapy for Students who need Dyslexia Tutoring

We help improve reading abilities by using techniques from the National Institute of Learning Development. Your students will be able to effectively recognize individual sounds, recognize sounds patterns, and detect sound/syllable association. Students improve decoding skills, encoding skills and improve long-term visual sequential memory. If a student has struggles with literacy, our teachers will ensure that students build a strong foundation in the English language beginning with vowels, consonants, blends, pre-fixes, endings, and other rules. Students are provided manuals and workbooks to learn how to verbalize phonics sounds with the teachers.

Manuals for Our Dyslexia Tutoring Houston

We use a few books from the National Institute of Learning Development to help dyslexic students overcome reading and writing disabilities 

Blue Book

Dyslexia tutoring through the Blue Book Method helps students acquire phonemic sounds with words. For example, we begin with the vowel sounds starting with long ‘A’ for apron and the short ‘A’ for apple. The next section moves to consonant sounds including ‘B’ for bat and ‘C’ for cat. Our dyslexic program is not just for elementary students, but it is designed for adult readers as well. We move to more advanced words and rules such as syllable blends.

Lets Read: A Linguistic Approach

This book is based on a systemic approach to reading and helps you decode the sound letter patterns of the English language to best address dyslexia tutoring in Houston. This book begins with the most alphabetic sounds to the least alphabetic and less frequent spelling patterns through a total of 5,000 words.

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