Houston Physics Tutoring: Is your child being thrown off by the velocity of their Physics assignments?

It doesn’t matter if your student is being thrown for a loop by the equation for centripetal force, getting a little queasy at grasping acceleration, stressed about the STAAR or trying to get prepared for AP Physics, the tutors at Suprex Learning Center Houston are prepared to help.

Every child has different needs and at Suprex our private tutors are specially trained to create a personalized lesson plan to meet your student’s unique needs. Our tutors understand that success in Physics isn’t just about the current challenge at hand. Suprex tutors are committed to equipping your child with the tools to succeed at Physics and in their future educational endeavors.
Our private tutors offer help with homework and assignments, as well as offering educational strategies that your child can use in all aspects of their studies. At Suprex you can be sure that you are getting quality because all of your tutors have to meet our exceptionally high hiring standards.

Our private Physics tutors Houston

• Are certified teachers or have 2 years professional tutoring experience
• Must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree (some have Master’s Degrees or even PhDs)
• Have a proven track record of success with students

AP Physics Houston– What does my child need to know?

The AP exam system continues to go through changes, but as a whole they are still quite challenging, even for the strongest student. AP exams require the student to digest and fully understand a vast amount of information to mirror the kind of environment they’ll encounter in college. There are two versions of the AP Physics exam. The AP Physics B exam is algebraically based and the AP Physics C exam is calculus based. Although both exams cover the same information, the tools used to solve the problems are different for each. The AP Physics B exam was changed in 2014 to the AP Physics 1 and 2 exams. The content of these exams are:
AP Physics 1:
• Newtonian Mechanics
• Rotational Mechanics
• Into to Electricity
AP Physics 2:
• The Laws of Thermodynamics
• Understanding Fluid Mechanics
• Optics
• Modern Physics
• Electricity and Magnets
The AP Physics C exam covers Electricity and Magnetism in greater depth.

Don’t let AP Physics scare you off!

AP Physics covers some challenging topics, but they aren’t impossible to grasp. Don’t let the task ahead discourage you. It is integral to the success of your student to get the specialized help they need. At Suprex Learning Center, our Houston based private tutors are committed to seeing each and every student succeed. They know how challenging AP Physics can feel and they want to make sure your student is prepared, whether it be for the STAAR, their general homework assignments or even their upcoming AP exams. Don’t wait a moment longer. Contact Suprex Learning Center today and make an appointment with one of our private tutors. Help is a phone call away, so don’t delay!

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