Our Tutors Break Chemistry Down into its Fundamental Elements

Have molybdenum, Ytterbium, Praseodymium or Caesium got your tongue

Suprex Learning Chemistry tutors can help you untie the knots.

We understand that chemistry is a tough thing to grasp. It took our tutors years and years to understand it, so they don’t expect students to really get it the first time around. Maybe it’s balancing chemical equations, maybe its titrating acids and bases, or maybe it’s simply preparing for their Chemistry End of Course or AP test, whatever it is, our tutors are here to create a personalized chemistry lesson plan. We believe that each student learns in a unique way, so nothing we do is ‘one size fits all’.

Suprex Learning specializes in one-on-one tutoring, but welcomes small groups of siblings or friends that are struggling with similar issues. (Maximum of 4 students per small group) So, if you are looking for the best possible value, consider forming a chemistry tutoring group and enjoy our most competitive rates. Group tutoring sessions are good for students who feel intimidated by one-on-one tutoring and those who feel they learn better when there are other students available for discussion.

We consider our tutors to be the best in your area. When we hire a new tutor, usually only one in every thirty applicants makes the cut. Rest easy knowing that your child is receiving quality chemistry tutoring from experienced professionals. Our tutors are highly qualified and meet one of two requirements:

• A bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject and 2 years of professional tutoring experience
• A valid state teaching certification and experience with one-on-one tutoring

In addition to these, we require our tutors to demonstrate that they have an ability to connect students on an academic level and are in the business for the right reason – a joy of teaching.

The Suprex Difference

Regardless of your student’s current level of skill, our tutors’ customized chemistry lesson plans will provide your child with specific educational strategies, designed to improve their overall performance and confidence in chemistry and to challenge them for future success. With the one-on-one attention of our sessions, students are able to form a bond with their tutors creating an environment in which they are comfortable learning.

Beyond simple chemistry homework help, these educational strategies provide students with a framework by which they can succeed in all their studies. Our chemistry tutors regularly cover topics such as:
• elements and their uses and characteristics
• creation of molecules and atomic make up: protons, neutrons, electrons
• formulas needed for dimensional analysis: Beer’s Law, Gauss’s Law, Dalton’s Law
• laws of thermodynamics
• molarity VS molality
• types of bonding: Ionic, Covalent, Van der Waals
• spectrometry, spectrospopy, chromatography: gas, liquid, and thin layer

Give us a call before your, or your child’s, next chemistry test, quiz, or project. Suprex Learning has the right tutor, for a competitive price ready to meet you at your home, local coffee shop, library or café. While we want your child to succeed in their chemistry lessons, we also value their self-confidence. Through our programs, our tutors seek to help your child build up their academic ‘tool box’ and prepare them for future challenges.

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