Houston History Tutoring: It’s hard keeping track of day to day events; remembering important dates in history can suffer the same fate

Did Columbus sail in 1492, or was it 1493? When did America become a sovereign nation? What was the deal with WWI anyway? It doesn’t matter if your student is having trouble keep the fact straight in US History, World History, World Geography, Government or Economics; the private tutors at Suprex Learning will use their passion for history to help. Our Houston area tutors will formulate a personal education plan for your student to equip them to be a triumphant social scientist. History requires students to master memorization techniques to remember key dates, places, names and events. Students must also cultivate excellent reading comprehension skills in order to pull out key information for the text or essay.

What do you get when you choose a History Tutor at Suprex In Houston?

Suprex tutors are specially trained to provide specialized support to your student. Our Houston tutors love History and are ready to explain every concept from pinpointing resources in Western African nations in World Geography to the causes of WWI in US History to the history of the Ming Dynasty in World History! Our tutors will help students outline and understand the branches of the Government and give them the tools needed to put that knowledge into a clear and thorough essay.
At Suprex we understand that understanding information isn’t the only mark of a good student. We will help your child become more organized which will enable your student to manage their coursework more efficiently and effectively.

Houston’s Best History Tutors

Our private tutors are thoroughly vetted and well trained to prepare your student for History. All of our tutors must meet exceptionally high selection standards in order to be employed by Suprex Learning Center. Our private tutors:
• Are certified teachers or have 2 years professional tutoring experience
• Must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree (some have Master’s Degrees or even PhDs)
• Have a proven track record of success with students

Test Prep: STAAR, TAKS, AP Exams, SAT, and Subject Tests

Standardized tests are a way of life for today’s student. Often, parents understand the importance of reading comprehension and writing skills when taking these tests, but may overlook the equal importance of the social sciences. Even if your child is doing well in school you must understand that these tests are formulated to probe for weak spots in their understanding and a little bolstering cannot hurt.
Suprex Learning offers customized assistance in the following subjects/exams:
• US and World History
• Social Studies
• World Geography
• SAT Subject Tests
• AP Classes and Exit Exams
At Suprex Learning, our Houston area private history tutors offer special test preparation packages for these exams. Our tutors are specially trained to create a plan that best suited for your child’s schedule and personal learning style. Don’t wait! Make an appointment with a Suprex Learning tutor to start your child’s journey to mastering the past.

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