One on One Biology Tutoring

Even the brightest students may struggle with the complex material and higher level thinking required of a course in Biology. Maybe your student is challenged by the vocabulary, or struggles to outline the text in a way that is manageable and easy for them to understand. From Biology homework help to AP Biology test preparation, we can help your student develop the memory, reading and test taking skills necessary for them to excel in their Biology classes. Whatever your student’s obstacles to success, Suprex Learning has highly trained Biology tutors ready to help.

Why Suprex Biology Tutoring Works:

Regardless of your student’s current level of skill, our unique study plans will provide your child with specific educational strategies, designed to improve their overall performance and confidence in Biology and to challenge them for future success. Beyond simple Biology homework help, these educational strategies provide students with a framework by which they can succeed in all their studies.

Because Biology is a subject that is rich in vocabulary and reading content, Suprex tutors provide students with memory and reading strategies to make studying easier. Our Biology tutors will also teach students to create mock test questions from this new content in order to improve their confidence as well as their understanding of Biology.

During a typical Biology tutoring session, your student will learn to manage the vocabulary, identify the key ideas, and relate the new knowledge to the world around him or her. Most importantly, our tutors will incorporate test taking strategies and higher level questioning into each session, preparing your student for both the Biology STAAR testing, the AP Biology exam, or any other end of year examination.

Private Biology Tutors

At Suprex Learning we also offer private Biology tutors that are qualified and professionally trained to attend to you student’s individual needs. Each one is specialized in Biology and related sciences and are able to offed focused instruction in those subjects. This independent focus gives your student the opportunity to improve in each subcategory as well as improve the subject as a whole. All of our private Biology tutors have a minimum of:

• A Bachelor’s degree
• Teaching Certification or a Master’s Degree (many have PhD’s)
• A minimum of 2 years tutoring/teaching experience with a record of success

STAAR Testing Preparation That’s Right for Your Student

With the introduction of the more rigorous STAAR test, many parents found that their children were in need of additional, out of class instruction to ensure that their students would pass with the best possible results. We first administer a diagnostic assessment to identify the areas in which your child is excelling and which areas may need improvement and special attention.

AP Biology Test Prep from Experienced Tutors

Between the broad scope of all the information covered and the length of the exam itself, the AP Biology Test is a taxing examination. For those unfamiliar with the exam, it consists of two sections. Section I has two parts, Part A and Part B. Part A is 63 multiple choice questions and Part B is 6 grid in questions. Section II contains the free response questions; there are 2 long free response questions and 6 short free response questions.

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