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Dyslexia Testing Centers and Specialists in Greater Houston

See a list of the Dyslexia Testing Specalists in our network below:

Romilia Ramirez, Educational Psychologist and Diagnostician
Tests administered: Dyslexia testing, Woodcock Johnson, WISC-IV, Curriculum based measurement
Office located in Sugar Land, TX
Email: dr.romiliaramirez@gmail.com
Phone: 832-289-3324

Jo Himel, Texas Certified Educational Diagnostician
Texas Assessment Specialists
Tests administered: Dyslexia testing, ADHD testing
Area: Clear Lake, Webster (will travel up to 25 miles to Houston area)
Direct: 713-515-2986 to book appointment
Office: 866-700-2433

About the Dyslexia Testing Specialist

As a retired educational diagnostician from our public school system and now operating a private practice, Texas Assessment Specialists,  I can diagnose learning difficulties including dyslexia without considering education policies for one district or another. Public schools are autonomous and therefore their policy varies within the guidelines federal and state law mandates.

About Dyslexia

Reading and reading comprehension affects every aspect of learning. In fact writing is the last item to develop only after they learn to read.  If a student cannot read, they cannot perform math functions well since math is usually tested through word problems. Dyslexia is the most common form of a learning disability. It usually runs in a family and parents recognize it even when they barely understand it.

My dyslexia assessments include a comprehensive cognitive assessment to understand their child’s strengths and weaknesses in learning. There are over five different areas I assess in my dyslexia cognitive assessment protocol. Then I administer the specific dyslexia assessments their student has difficulties performing.

Initial Consultation

I like to talk to my parents and find out their concerns first and family history.  There are usually behaviors their children have displayed which causes them to become concerned in the first place.

I then advise them that the public school district they are currently in is the sole decider of the services the school will provide. That school district can comply with educational testing requests from parents or create diversions to delay  testing or simply say they do not think there is an educational need for testing at that time. One never knows what they will say. My testing methods and protocols are exactly the same as theirs. They are not required to accept them if they do not want to.


Dyslexia Testing

The dyslexia testing assessment usually takes from 3.5 to 4.5 hours for little ones. We can take breaks or break for lunch. I try to keep the testing to a one day session.  Parents bring several items from the student’s cumulative folder at their school  to dyslexia testing and fill out some information to begin the baseline report I will develop and give them.

Dyslexia Reporting and Recommendations

My report will include all data from the cognitive assessment and dyslexia assessment and school records. It will give them a definite diagnosis and include recommendations they and your school can implement to help the student improve and cope with their dyslexia if they do indeed have that problem.

Dyslexia Testing Fees

Recommendations are especially important if there is no diagnosis of a disability.  One wants to understand why their child is having these problems and how to cope with those problems.  This 12 to 15 page report is only $600.

If there is a indication of a higher level learning disability than dyslexia,  then recommendations will address that issue.

This educational will travel to certain areas to Houston to provide testing. For Dyslexia testing in Houston, Southwest Houston, Sugar Land, and Katy area, a $70 minimum travel fee is applied.  Please inquire for details to: jo@suprexlearning.com


Nancy Paskin, LCSW
Psychological Evaluations & Testing, ADD, and ADHD Houston
Area: Downtown Houston (office)