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We have some of the premier tutors to help you prepare for the Medical College Admission Test better known as the MCAT. You don’t have to worry about cookie cutter large test prep classes; we have the best MCAT tutors that can do 1 on 1 tutoring and small group tutoring in Houston to maintain individualized attention.

What topics are covered on the MCAT?

There are a variety of science topics on the MCAT that are designed to measure your academic knowledge and verbal reasoning skills. Some of the topics include:
1. Biological
2. Physical
3. Physical & Biological Cognitive Skills

1. Verbal reasoning
2. Verbal reasoning cognitive skills

Other section:
1. Trial

Our Test Prep Material:
1. Official Guide to the MCAT exam (contains 146 actual MA questions)

Our Houston MCAT prep begins with an online practice MCAT to assess your individual strengths and weaknesses. Then our tutors will arrange a MCAT self assessment to create your in individualized lesson plan.

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