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How Suprex Learning of Houston Helps with GRE Testing

Highly trained professional instructors from Suprex Learning of Houston can assess your skills in Verbal Reasoning, Analytical Writing, and Quantitative Reasoning and tailor a GRE preparation program specifically designed for you. These programs can include between six and thirty-three hours of one-on-one instruction, focused on your needs. (Optimal results are often achieved from at least 18 hours of instruction.) Suprex Learning tutors are highly qualified to review basic math, English, and writing concepts, as well as providing test taking strategies, in order to prepare you for the GRE. Utilizing this GRE Prep Course Houston with a highly skilled instructor can be just what you need to improve your scores, allowing you to further your career by gaining entrance into the graduate program of your dreams.

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With the Suprex Learning GRE prep program, you will start with a diagnostic assessment designed to determine your level of knowledge in each of the tested areas: Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning. This assessment will allow the GRE prep instructor to create an individualized plan that will address your weaknesses and enhance your strengths. Each session will be carefully crafted to meet your specific needs through activities and practice problems specific to the GRE. By teaching and modeling numerous strategies in problem solving, verbal reasoning, and written language, our GRE Prep Houston will help you respond to test questions and give you the results you need for acceptance into the graduate program of your choice. The instructor will also include a plethora of test taking strategies that will improve your performance and confidence level. Additionally, Suprex includes up to 3 full-length GRE practice exams so you can track your progress on your road to graduate school.

Suprex Learning instructors will be the key to your success on the GRE exam and through our Houston GRE test prep program, success will become a reality. This program will significantly improve your scores on the exam across the board. The programs are tailored to your individual needs, there is no one program for all. You will find you will have more confidence to actually take and complete the test. All areas of the GRE exam–Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning–are addressed by the tutoring program of Suprex Learning of Houston, Texas.

Private GRE Tutoring Houston

The highly trained professional instructors of Suprex Learning of Houston have a program that is proven to deliver higher scores on these exams. These same tutors have themselves taken the exam before tutoring you. They are constantly learning any changes that are made to the exam so that they can give a student the most updated information possible. This allows them to expertly guide a student and improve their scores exponentially. So take the time to let these experts at our Houston, Texas program help you. You are only one phone call to Suprex Learning away from GRE exam success.

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Our objective to you is to offer you the most comfortable learning environment as possible. Therefore, we offer you the convenience of a tutor coming to your home or any place of convenience in the most non distracting environment. Our versatile Houston GRE tutors record each level of progress as each subject is mastered.

GRE Test Prep Book(s):

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Strategies we teach:

Vocabulary- Remembering a set of number of roots and applying this strategy to a majority of words. This saves time as well as effort because a small minority of roots applies to a majority of the words.

Reading Comprehension- Finding the purpose of the article first before answering the question and figuring out the answers. The GRE Test is easily “beat” if a student uses this strategy as most of the answers are based off of the main idea.

Plug in the Answers (PITA)- In each math question, the answer is right in the choices. Our Houston GRE Private tutors helps you dissect each problem with the best strategy and help find the answer from the distractors.

Pricing and Schedule:

We offer a no-hassle payment plan for our GRE students. Most payment plans allow you to purchase in two parts in case you do not have the money immediately. We accept convenient payments via credit card.

Tutoring Type Available:

The GRE prep Houston class is a private tutoring session where there is one instructor to one student. We offer mock tests before, during, and after the class and this helps us find weaknesses and fix them as soon as possible.

Customized GRE Houston Preparation Course offered by Suprex Learning

In the Suprex Learning Customized GRE Preparation Course, the student is offered a diagnostic exam to start the class that analyzes weaknesses and strengths in a student’s basic knowledge. This exam also helps separate lucky guesses with knowledge and creates a plan that will benefit the student the most effectively. The Preparation Course also helps address all parts of the GRE general test including Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing.

If a student does not find a program that suits his or her needs, he or she can contact Suprex Learning about any alternative options. Our Houston GRE tutors are extremely flexible and follow your requests rather than the other way around. These programs are offered in the comfort of a student’s home or a public area that he or she feels comfortable. All programs start with a released GRE exam that allows the student to measure progress as the lessons go on.

The goal of our Houston GRE tutors is to help you achieve your maximum potential on the GRE exam. This versatile program follows your needs and requests rather than those of the program. All the sections of the GRE are addressed by the private tutors.

The certified and highly experienced instructors of Suprex Learning of Houston have a method that has reliably helped many students achieve their goals into many graduate programs. Our instructors are constantly taking GRE tests at the facility and are quickly updated on changes to the test. With a highly trained instructor, the sky is the roof and he or she can help you get into even the most competitive graduate programs, many of which these tutors got into themselves. So take the time to let our experts help you. You are only one phone call away from reaching your dreams!

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