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Our current times are rapidly changing and gone are the days where speaking another language is optional. Learning Spanish in a classroom setting can be tough. Spanish teachers are often focused on vocabulary, conjugating verbs and translating passages from English to Spanish or vice versa. Many times, students can fall through the cracks in this ‘one size fits all’ approach to Spanish. At Suprex Learning Center, our Houston area tutors are native Spanish speakers who are fluent in writing, reading, and speaking Spanish. Our tutors have a proven track record of success and are highly qualified to teach these skills to your child.

Our tutors are specially trained to assess your child’s Spanish skills and formulate a specialized plan to meet their specific needs. If you child needs help memorizing, absorbing or speaking Spanish, the Suprex Spanish tutors can create a program to improve their fluency.

Often in middle and high school, students don’t get enough personal attention or practice in speaking Spanish. It is common that a child can complete four to five years of Spanish (even taking AP Spanish) and they are still unable to hold even a simple conversation. Speaking Spanish is important in the classroom setting and it is also required on the SAT Subject tests and the AP exam. Being able to respond appropriately in Spanish and create your own sentences is a key focus of the Suprex Houston Spanish tutoring.

Spanish Standardized Testing with our Houston Spanish Tutoring

AP exams and the SAT Subject tests both assess written and verbal competency as well as grammar, vocabulary and basic comprehension. Adding a personal tutor to your child’s study schedule is a great way to be thoroughly prepared. Having a private tutor allows your child to have the benefit of a personalized experience with a fluent Spanish speaker who can give personal attention to their weaknesses and strengths.

The SAT Subject tests offer Spanish as an option to your SAT. The exam has 85 multiple choice questions and is broken down as follows:
• 20 Minutes Listening
• 85 Multiple Choice Questions
• 40 Minutes Reading

The AP exam is more comprehensive and assesses students’ writing, reading and speaking skills. The exam is outlined as follows:
Section 1 (Interpretive Communication)
Part A
• 30 Multiple Choice Questions (40 minutes)
• Print texts only
Part B
• 35 Multiple Choice Questions (55 minutes)
• Combined print and audio texts
Section 2 (Free Response: Writing)
• Read and reply to an email (15 minutes)
• Write a persuasive essay (55 minutes, given 3 sources)
Free Response Speaking (Given 5 prompts with 20 seconds per prompt)
Presentation: Cultural Comparison
• 4 minutes to read prompt and prepare
• 2 minutes to present and record
In total the AP Spanish exam is 3 hours long with 85 multiple choice questions and 95 minutes of free response questions. Each part of the exam is weighed equally. Our Houston Spanish tutoring includes programs to sign up for practice AP Spanish tests along with 18-33 hour 1:1 prep program to help you prepare for these standardized tests.

Suprex Spanish Tutors in Houston; We only choose the best

Our private tutors are thoroughly vetted and well trained to prepare your student for Spanish. All of our tutors must meet exceptionally high selection standards in order to be employed by Suprex Learning Center. Our private tutors:
• Are certified teachers or have 2 years professional tutoring experience
• Must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree (some have Master’s Degrees or even PhDs)
• Have a proven track record of success with students

Prepare your child for the rapidly changing educational climate

More and more colleges and companies are looking for students who are well rounded and multi-lingual. Give your child the edge they need with a private Spanish Tutor from Suprex Learning. Our highly qualified Houston area tutors will give your child the confidence they need to be able to interact with out Spanish speakers effectively. Being a skilled Spanish speaker will help to improve your child’s performance in class, placement tests and will lead to a truly fluent Spanish speaker. Don’t wait any longer! Make an appointment with a Suprex Learning Center tutor today!

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