Can Suprex Learning Academic Consultants Help With Statistics Courses?

Whether your student is struggling with z scores, standard deviations, or needs help preparing for the Statistics AP exam, the tutors at Suprex Learning will create an individualized education plan to ensure their success.

Regardless of your student’s current level of skill, this unique plan will provide your child with specific educational strategies, designed to improve his or her overall performance and confidence in Statistics and to challenge him or her for future success.

Beyond simple homework help, these educational strategies provide students with a framework by which they can succeed in all their studies. Additionally, Suprex tutors are highly qualified to assist students through the rigorous coursework of College Statistics as well.

The Suprex Learning Advantage

The pool of tutors at Suprex Learning includes some fantastic minds in the areas of statistics. Each of tutors has passed a background check is has at least one of the following:

• A valid teaching certificate
• A bachelor’s or master’s in a relative subject

as well as two years of professional tutoring experience and a genuine desire to help kids learn. In addition to these requirements, our tutors take a personality test that helps us place them with student’s that will be receptive to their unique way of teaching.

It is important to us that there is a good fit between student and tutor which is why we offer a best fit guarantee. This means that if your child does not respond well to the tutor we initially assign, we will work with you to find a second tutor that will be a better fit with your child.

Our tutors will also help students using statistical software to provide simulations for some hard-to-understand statistic concepts. In addition, our tutors will teach test-taking techniques during each session with your student, regularly preparing him or her for the AP test.

AP Statistics Test Prep

Statistics is the math of the social sciences and as such, it is an important skill to master. And for those considering Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, Anthropology or History the AP Statistics test may be a great way to help lighten you load once in college.

The test is three hours long and is comprised of two sections, a multiple choice and a free response. The multiple choice section is 90 minutes long and covers the following topics:

• Exploring data
• Sampling and experimentation
• Anticipating Patterns
• Statistical Inference

The second section, which is free response, is also 90 minutes long. It covers the same topics as the multiple choice section, but in ways that demonstrate your ability to relate two or more content areas.

You will be asked to answer five statistical and probability problems. The last question differs slightly in that it is an investigative task which allows you to demonstrate your ability to integrate appropriate content areas and apply them to solve a problem in a new context or unusual way.

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