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ACT Test Prep Courses: 1 on 1 Tutoring and Small Group Offered


Suprex Learning offers highly trained professional Houston tutors that can assess your student’s skills and can tailor a customized ACT test preparation program specifically designed for him or her. Our ACT prep course programs can include anywhere from 9 to 33 hours of one-on-one instruction or small group instruction focused on your student’s needs.

Mobile ACT Test Tutors


Our goal is for your student to be in the most comfortable learning environment possible.  The best way to achieve this is either the parent or student can choose the designated area of tutoring.  This way students have the ability to master each possible topic (math/verbal) and be able to write an essay in the most non distracting environment.  Our mobile private ACT tutors in Houston record each level of progress as each topic as it gets mastered.

Our ACT Prep Courses

Math- Arithmetic, Algebra 1 & II, Geometry, Trigonometry
English- Usage/Mechanics, Rhetorical Skills
Reading Comprehension- Prose Fiction, Humanities, Social Studies, Natural Sciences
Writing-Essay prompt
Science- Biology, Chemistry, Earth/Space Sciences, Physics


You will be assigned a tutor that specializes in the math, verbal, and science portions of the test. Most of our tutors are certified teachers or have at least 2 year of professional teaching experience. Lesson plans are always flexible according to students’ needs. Our lessons comprise of face to face instruction in which your tutor will first teach strategies and techniques to master the ACT and will then review your student’s mock ACT. The tutor will guide the student in practicing questions out of The Real ACT Prep book and will have the opportunity to do more interactive practice online. We prioritize our lesson plan based on the students’ performance on the initial proctored Mock ACT or previously completed ACT. We look at what topics and areas he/she scored lowest in and schedule the sessions accordingly. Topics that the student performed below 80% require immediate attention and topics that were above 80% will still be covered in later lessons. The instructor will do her best to address all topics within the time frame given before the actual test. We assign students homework from the ACT Prep Book and expect the student to complete the assignment before the next tutoring session with the assigned tutor.

ACT Prep Class Book(s):

The Real ACT Prep Guide (Official ACT Test Prep Guide)

Online Programs Used (as necessary):
“The Real ACT Prep Guide Online”
(Math, Verbal, Science Techniques, practice questions)

Some Techniques We Cover

Essay essentials –
The four-step writing process
Stressing voice and content over perfect grammar
Avoiding common writing mistakes

Reading Comprehension time management –
Builder Method (Questions first, then passage)

Sentence Completion tips and tricks –
Breaking down tough sentences
Working around unfamiliar vocabulary

Memorizing word roots and prefixes or suffixes

Math: Plug-in Answer Choices
Plug in different answer choices into the problem.

Math: Choosing Your Own Number
Strategically plug in numbers into variables to test out problem.

Time management-
Managing time effectively for each section of test


Homework will be assigned to student after every lesson. Student will be requested to complete different sections in the Prep Book, memorize vocabulary words, or take a diagnostic test.

Pricing & Schedule

We make payment easy for you as you can break up certain total package prices into 2 equal payments. Payment is collected over the phone via credit card or electronic check. Please see website for pricing information.

Tutoring Types Available

1 on 1 instruction, up to 3 Proctored Mock Tests, and ACT Test Prep material. Each session is 1.5-2 hours.

Group Instruction availability is dependent upon enrollment numbers in our ACT course or if parent would like to book a their own private group.

Customized ACT Test Preparation Programs Offered By Suprex Learning

In the Suprex Learning ACT preparation program, your student will start with a diagnostic ACT assessment designed to determine his or her level of knowledge in each of the tested areas: Math, Reading, Writing, English, and Science. This assessment will allow the ACT prep instructor to create a plan that will address weaknesses and enhance strengths for each student. Each session will be carefully crafted to meet the specific needs of your student through activities and practice problems specific to the ACT, teaching and modeling numerous strategies on problem solving which will help with responding to test questions. The instructor will also include a plethora of test taking strategies that will improve your student’s performance and confidence level. Additionally, Suprex includes full-length ACT practice exams so your student can track his or her progress on the road to the test.

If a student doesn’t see a program offered that will suit his or her needs, he or she can contact Suprex to talk about scheduling a custom ACT program. These programs can be provided in the comfort of your own home. An ACT instructor will let you know the step-by-step process of the program when they meet with you, helping you cater a program that will allow for testing success. All programs at Suprex Learning begin with a diagnostic ACT exam. The results of this exam will allow the professional to gauge exactly what your student may need each of the tested areas so your student’s individualized preparation program will be a success.

The goal of Suprex Learning instructors will be your success on your ACT exam. This program can significantly improve your scores on the exam across the board. The programs are geared to your individual needs, there is no one program for all methodology. Students will find they have more confidence to actually take and complete the test. All areas of the ACT exam–English, Science, Reading, Mathematics, and even Writing Assessment–are addressed by the tutoring program of Suprex Learning of Houston, Texas.

The highly trained professional instructors of Suprex Learning of Houston, Texas have a program that is proven to deliver higher scores on these exams. Our tutors are constantly learning any changes that are made to the exam so that they can give a student the most updated information possible. This allows them to expertly guide a student and improve their scores exponentially. Our ACT test prep with a highly skilled instructor can be just what you need to improve your scores, allowing your student access to scholarship opportunities and entrance into the college of his or her dreams. So take the time to let these experts at our Houston, Texas program help you. A student is only one phone call to Suprex Learning away from ACT exam success.


*based on student data from Fall 2014

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A Word From Our Students!

Learning the way the ACT works and the different types of passages really helped me to improve my efficiency during testing. In a test where time is so valuable, this training helped me improve my speed and therefore my science score went from a 25 to a 36 and my overall ACT score from a 30 to a 34. I couldn’t have asked for better results even with the limited time we had to prepare for that test.

Tutoring times were so flexible considering my busy schedule which I so much appreciate! I’ve recommended Asha and the program to my friend, Allison, and I believe she has already contacted y’all about tutoring for her after she heard about my success.

– Rebecca Doucet, ACT student

Nice environment along with lots of help. Generally very friendly and willing to help. Helpful tips for test taking and time management.

-Camille Baud, ACT student