Private Math Tutors Houston (High School, Middle School, Elementary School and College.)


  1. Are Certified teachers or have 2 years of professional tutoring experience
  2. Have expertise in the subject they teach (will either provide a certified math teacher or science and engineering graduate with tutoring experience)
  3. Have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree (some have Master’s degrees and PhD’s)


How we Choose our Houston Math Instructors

We only accept a select number of tutors and teachers that apply to our Houston tutoring center. Our tutors go through a phone screening, in-person interview, effective teacher demonstration, and personality test by our academy director and founder. Good Houston math preparation tutors are a hard find. We have done all the hard work for you so you don’t have to spend your valuable time searching for the perfect tutor.


Scheduling One of our Houston Math Tutors

Convenience and flexibility with our Houston Math Tutoring Program

Our best Math tutors are located in select parts of Greater Houston including Sugar Land, Missouri City, Bellaire, Katy, Cypress, Spring, and Woodlands. We may have a Houston math tutor in an area near you so call us at 866-700-2433 or book tutoring online now.
One of our math tutors in Houston will call you within 3 days after you pay online for tutoring. Our math tutors will meet in your home or at one of our area Houston math tutoring centers.


Strategies from our Houston Math Tutoring

Encourage Independent Learning with our Private Math Tutors in Houston

In our Houston math tutoring, we use various strategies and techniques that help students perpetually understand math skills. To engage our students in deep understanding of mathematical concepts, our tutors encourage independent learning while providing them with all the necessary help at the same time.

Our Houston Math Tutors Reinforce Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic Learners

Suprex math tutors have an attitude of looking beyond the current level of mathematical skills of our students and into their learning styles. Some learning styles that our tutors have worked with in the past are auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. For auditory students who learn by listening rather than reading, our tutors have a plan that involves a lot of explaining and talking. For visual learners, our tutors use charts, figures, pictures, etc to tutor math. For kinesthetic learners who learn through a hands-on experience, our tutors use a lot of activities. Making math a big part of our students’ lives will help them connect with the subject and tackle even the most difficult math problems.

Houston math tutoring rates start at $48 per hour, so enroll your child today and boost his or her grades now!


Our Private Math Tutoring Houston Method

Develop Individualized Education Plan for your math prep needs in Houston

Suprex combines qualified math tutoring Houston and individualized lesson plans to help our students enhance their performance in math. Our tutors understand that optimal learning occurs when the tutor-student relationship is strong and effective. Studying our students’ learning styles and designing individualized education plans (IEPs) is one way that our tutors assess their students’ level of skills in math. Your tutor will create an IEP that contains your student’s abilities, skills, weaknesses and strengths. This helps us ensure that our students are mastering the basic foundations of math before building upon them.

Using Math Manipulates

We use math manipulatives for students to “touch” and “feel” while they learn to cater to visual and kinesthetic learning styles. Some of the foundations of math we help build include:

Math Foundation Manipulative
Multiples Counters
FractionsComparing Numbers Cuisenaire rods
Counting Principles Base ten blocks
Money Coins (actual money)
Measurement Ruler, measuring tape


Why Hire One of Our Private Math Tutors Houston

Simply put, our private math tutors in Houston show results. Before we bring math tutors on board with us, we ensure that they have shown student score improvements from teaching experience. We actively train our tutors on the best math tutoring methods through using hands on training, manipulatives, and cross training with veteran teachers. We retain only the best math private tutors in Houston by evaluating tutoring results from parents using progress reports and report cards.

Our private math tutors in Houston provide 1 on 1 tutoring in home and small group tutoring at one of our greater Houston tutoring centers.

What we look for when placing one of our private math tutors in Houston

  • Your location in relations to our tutors in Houston
  • The subject expertise of our private math tutor
  • The availability of our private math tutors in your surrounding area


Benefits of Math Private Tutors Houston versus Small Group

There are many benefits of hiring one of our individualized math private tutors in Houston as opposed to just adding your student to a class or group at one of your typical tutoring franchises. Our math private tutors in Houston will prepare lesson plans before your sessions as necessary. We train all our math private tutors in Houston on online programs that can help students master math topics they may struggling on.

Elementary School Math Tutors

From our experience we have found that the best elementary school math tutors are those that are certified teachers. These certified math teachers appear to work with younger students and are well versed in elementary pedagogy. Elementary school math tutoring includes topics such as number recognition, sequencing, addition, and subtraction are taught using strategies that are fun for our grade one students. As we move to grade five, concepts such as perimeter, area, volume, measuring circles and triangles, as well as understanding various figures are taught.

Elementary grade levels we serve including tutoring for:

Grade Level Sample topics covered in our elementary school math tutoring
Kindergarten -Counting from 1 to 20
-Counting objects
-Solve word problems using objects
1st grade -Compose and decompose numbers up to 120
-Place value to compare numbers up to 120
2nd grade -Use standard, word, and expanded forms to represent numbers up to 1200
-Solve 1 step and multi-step problems
3rd grade -Compare and order whole numbers up to 100,000
-represent equivalent fractions
4th grade -represent decimals including tenths and hundredths
-compare two fractions with different numerators
5th grade -quotients of decimals
-addition and subtraction of fractions


Where do provide elementary school math tutoring?

Houston, Sugar Land, Missouri City, Bellaire, Katy, Woodlands, Spring, Richmond, Rosenberg and other surrounding areas

Check out some of our elementary school math tutors on the Staff page of our website.


Middle School Math Tutoring

School districts we provide middle school math tutoring in:

Fort Bend ISD
Houston ISD
Cy-Fair ISD
Spring ISD
Spring Branch ISD
Katy ISD…and more

Credentials of Middle School Math Tutors

Suprex has certified teachers and experienced professional middle school math tutors ready to help your student. Our certified teachers are dynamic individually who love teaching and truly want to see your student succeed.

Our middle school math tutors offer tutoring in:

Grade Level Subject
6th grade math  Math for 6th graders
7th grade math Pre-Algebra
8th grade math Algebra 1

Middle school math tutoring includes 1 on 1 private tutoring and small group tutoring at one of our math tutoring centers in Houston.

High School Math Tutoring

Grade levels we provide for high school math students


Grade Level Subject
9th grade Pre-Algebra
10th grade Algebra 1
11th grade Algebra 2
12th grade Calculus, AP Calculus

Our high school math tutors are aware that without a complete understanding of elementary math, it is difficult to learn higher levels of math such as trigonometry, algebra, geometry, etc. We will work thoroughly with our students to improve their grades while developing a strong understanding of these mathematical concepts.

High school math tutoring also includes all AP subjects as we have tutors well versed in taking the AP tests and mastering the content for these exams.

A short list of some of our best high school math tutors

  • Imran Vohra (Biomedical Engineering graduate from UT, 7 years of total tutoring experience and 2 years of high school math tutoring experience)
  • Daniela Baughman (Master’s of Science, 3 years of total tutoring experience)
  • Shaheed Khan (Master’s in Economics, 2 years of total tutoring)

Suprex Learning is a growing educational company that offers math tutoring in Houston along with all other K-12 subjects. Enroll Now to book a high school math tutor!


Location of Our Math Tutoring Centers Houston

Sugar Land Tutoring Center
104 Industrial Blvd, Suite Q
Sugar Land, TX 77478

Houston Tutoring Center
1121 Delano St
Houston, TX 77033

Interested in other math tutoring centers in Houston?
Check out for the most affordable tutoring prices in Houston. Kivato is a non-profit that serves low-income families and underserved communities.







Don’t allow your child continue to struggle in one or more academic area! Don’t allow your child prepare for an important test alone! Suprex Learning of Houston, Texas has benefited hundreds of students in the Greater Houston area. Our students receive one- on-one tutoring, allowing our tutors to address the specific difficulties of each individual student. The fact that a student doesn’t have to compete with other students for the information needed from a tutor is a plus. The tutors help guides the student back onto the path of success. The tutors at Suprex Learning can help with subjects on every learning level, from elementary school basics to college level academics; we will gladly create a plan that meets your students’ needs!

Math Tutoring Houston

All levels of Math Tutoring are Available .

Math is a core subject, and will be part of a student’s education throughout their lifetime. Research has shown that students who are successful in math are successful in school in general. Therefore, it is crucial that we address difficulties in math at the early stages. Suprex Learnings tutors can assure success. The time-tested program of Suprex Learning in Houston, Texas is a proven program, which caters to the individual needs of struggling Math students. You can choose either individual tutoring or group tutoring, based on the needs of your child. From early childhood to the highest level college math, Suprex Learning in Houston, Texas has a program that can help your child succeed now and in the future.

Beating School-Related Struggles

At Suprex Learning, an academic consultant for elementary math all the way to college math for your child can be a winning choice. In the one-size-fits-all learning program of public and larger private schools, a child’s individual needs can slip through the cracks. In their need to serve the many, these educators do not have time to make sure everyone has a strong understanding of each concept before moving on to the next topic. Some children can get overwhelmed and frustrated because they are not given the time and attention they need to be successful in this type of learning environment.

Research has positively proven that one-on-one attention for a child is a highly successful approach to overcoming academic struggles. Most children will flourish when given that little extra attention in a more focused learning environment. Let our Houston tutors help put your child on the road to success.

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