Grade 6 Tutoring


Math Tutoring Topics:

-Prime and composite numbers




-Proportional Relationships


Science Tutoring Topics:

-Using Tools to Collect and Analyze Data

-Properties of Matter

-Force and motion


English Tutoring:


-Writing Skills

-Grammar, Punctuation,



Grade 7 Tutoring


Math Tutoring Topics:


-Tables & graphs

-3-D Figures and measurements


Science Tutoring Topics:


-Moon cycle

-Human System



English Tutoring

-Critical Thinking, Reading

-Answer open ended questions through reading


Grade 8 Tutoring


Math Tutoring

-Pythagorean Theorem
-Rational & Irrational Numbers
-Constant Rate of Change

-Data & graphs


Science Tutoring Topics:

-Force, motion, & energy

-Period table

-Atomic structure

-Earth and space science


English and Reading Tutoring:

-Creative writing

-Critical thinking from reading

-Reading comprehension