Houston Tutoring: Help soften the blows dealt by HISD with Suprex Learning

Houston Independent School District is facing a lot of challenges. In addition to state budget cuts, internal mismanagement of funding and resources is beginning to take a toll on students. Classes are larger than ever with up to 40 children in a classroom that was originally intended to cap at 22.

In an attempt to identify areas of academic weakness Texas implemented the STAAR test and uses the results to determine the overall success of a school. This type of standardized testing has fewer benefits and forces teachers to teach to the test in order to meet the minimum requirement of students passing. This means that your child is not receiving a well-rounded education and may be missing fundamentals important to upper level and advanced placement classes.

Suprex Learning Offers Superior Private Tutoring in Houston, TX

At Suprex Learning we understand your plight. The system isn’t fair and while we can’t fix all of HISD’s problems, we can help your student learn the facts and skills that they may be missing out on. When it comes to tutoring in Houston, we offer private, one-on-one, in-house tutoring services at competitive prices. We guarantee that the selected tutor will fit your child’s learning needs and temperament, if not, we will work with you to find one who does. All of our Houston tutors are either

  • Certified teachers with an extensive knowledge of their subjects


  • Professional tutors with a Bachelor’s or Master’s in a field relevant to the subjects your child needs and at minimum two years of professional tutoring experience.

In addition to one-on-one tutoring in Houston, we also offer small group tutoring, perfect for siblings and friends, test preparation packages, and learning therapy through our sister Excelsior Academy. Our biggest concern is your child’s education and we will work with you to find a supplemental academic schedule that fits your needs.


I’m pleased with their service and concern. They go the extra mile.

Since just before the new year, I’ve looked to Suprex Learning to help my granddaughter overcome the difficulty she’s been having with her courses. The company is very concerned about the success of their students, and I find this to be their most valuable asset. The fact that they were able to split her enrollment so she could receive training in both areas was an indication that they are more concerned about my granddaughter’s welfare than they are with making money.”

Source: Grandparent of Fort Bend Christian Academy student

Location: Missouri City, TX


Personal, Excellent, and Caring! 

I have had my son going to Suprex Learning for the past five months and I’m really happy that he’s being so receptive to their tutoring. Since he’s been going, he’s begun to succeed in school and I’m very happy. The prices are reasonable and I would recommend that any parent with a struggling child in school looking to them.

Source: Parent of Elsik High School Student
Location: Sugar Land, TX

Tutor Centre Locations in Houston

We conveniently provide 1-on-1 tutoring at our Houston Tutoring Centers:

  •  104 Industrial Blvd, Suite Q Sugar Land, TX 77478
  • 1121 Delano St, Houston, TX 77003
  • 21915 Royal Montreal Drive, Katy, TX 77450

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